Digital identity

Putting Australians back in control of their identity data online.

User Experience Lead

Australia Post



Exploratory research commissioned by Australia Post found that its customers find repeatedly proving their identity a time-consuming and frustrating experience. The business saw an opportunity to leverage their brand trust, size and existing place in the retail identity space to help.

Six months of exploratory research had been commissioned from an external agency and a customer value proposition was identified.

A small, nimble team was assembled outside of corporate constraints
to run as a start-up and attempt to solve this unique customer problem.

Our mission was to be on the cutting-edge of the emerging digital identity market, leveraging biometrics and blockchain technology to put consumers back in control with a reusable digital identity.


As the Lead UX Designer from the beginning of our involvement in the project, I was first responsible for the analysis of existing research and an initial 6-month UX plan.

I formed close partnerships with engineering, security and legal leads
in order to understand the landscape we were working within, while strongly representing our users’ interests in meetings where they would have otherwise been overlooked in favour of development ease.

Interviews and detailed customer journey mapping were invaluable tools in these early stages in order to understand and effectively communicate the complex cross-channel experience.

I facilitated countless rounds of ideation, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing and iteration throughout the project timeline.

As the project continued, the team grew and I went on to lead a team of three designers in cross-functional agile teams through 6 months of web and mobile app development.


The product is now available on the App Store and GooglePlay, with successful integrations into Australia Post digital products proving its effectiveness.

Integrations plans had also been agreed upon with selected financial institutions and government bodies for the following 12 months.