PO Boxes online

Enabling Australians to easily lease and manage their post office boxes online

UX Designer

Australia Post



Since they were first introduced, PO Boxes (and the processes around them) have remained largely unchanged in Australia.

Customers often cited an inability to get to the post office during business hours as a key trigger for leasing one, yet they were still required to attend an open post office to lease or manage one.

Our goal was to enable our logged-in users to search, compare, choose, lease and pay for a PO Box online, and then to view, manage and renew their service.

This involved integration with legacy back-end systems, and white-label identity verification and payment platforms.


Trialling a new way of working within the business, I joined a cross-functional agile development team from the very beginning of this project.

I worked closely with the product owner, BA and developers throughout the process, as the technical constraints of legacy systems threatened to derail the strong customer-focus.

Mapping customer triggers, pain points and abandonment points from existing research lead the way. These insights were then backed up and eventually resolved with iterative testing (in-person and remote). I also used customer insights and business inputs to create a product roadmap for upcoming features.

My close relationship with the development team allowed us to go straight from lo-fi wireframes and a style guide into build. I then paired with developers to tweak designs and resolve issues.

I was also able to assist with development in places, including writing the CSS for the white label payment platform.


The ability to lease a PO Box online was released as a soft launch in June 2016 and quickly exceeded its targets.

515 leases were taken out online in the first ten days after go-live, before any marketing materials were released. The majority of these were facilitated after normal business hours, further proving the customer and business benefit of taking the product online.

Online PO box management was then released in time to facilitate the annual renewal period (Mar-Apr for all boxes each year) and helped to drastically reduce call centre complaints.

PO Box leasing continues to be the biggest revenue-maker in the
logged-in experience.

Due to the proven success of this collaborative way of working, designers were embedded in product teams moving forward.